Tamara Grominsky

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I am a product marketing and strategy executive for SMB SaaS and a top-rated keynote speaker

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Leverage the power of product marketing

I build product marketing and growth teams that drive go-to-market strategy and revenue acceleration at SMB-focused SaaS companies. 

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PMM leader & consultant

Do you want product marketing to be your company’s secret weapon?

I help companies unlock their growth potential by identifying their winning segments, pricing model and product strategy. I also coach the next generation of product marketers and strategists to embrace a new philosophy to product marketing.

I’ve built repeatable and actionable frameworks that have allowed me to drive significant impact at best-in-class SMB companies such as FreshBooks, Unbounce and Yellow Pages.

my philosophy
Product marketing is the linchpin to sustainable business growth.

Top-rated keynote speaker

I am available to speak at online webinars and summits in addition to in-person conferences across North America. My talks focus on driving business growth with product marketing principles and building and scaling PMM teams.
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Richard King
Product Marketing Alliance
"As a Founding Member of the PMA, Tamara has been instrumental in helping us build our business from - almost - day one, and she continues to share product marketing expertise with 20,000+ fellow product marketers day in, day out, both online and at live events as our expert in residence."
Wes Bush
Product-Led Summit
"Tamara’s session on The Power & Impact of Product Marketing was the #1 audience-rated talk of Product-Led Summit. If your conference or event doesn’t have Tamara as part of its lineup, you’re missing out."
Sarah Klaassen
Growth Marketer & Mentee,
“Tamara approaches every situation/problem with positivity and an attitude of "how can we make this better?" Tamara became a mentor to me while we worked together at FreshBooks, despite the fact I never directly reported into her. She made my development a priority and continues to champion my career."


Product Marketing Alliance
I am the Vancouver, Canada Ambassador for the PMA. I connect the local community of product marketers and product managers to facilitate learning and conversation while advocating for the elevation of the PMM role.

As an Expert-in-Residence, I advise the global PMA community on best practices and the future of product marketing. I am also an instructor for their Product Marketing Certification (PMMC) and the creator of the Segmentation Masters program.

I am the Vice President of the Board of Directors for ProductBC, a non-profit that provides opportunities to network and learn from experts in product management and product marketing.

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