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For anyone seeking actionable and relevant product marketing training, I personally recommend Product Marketing Core.

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Diversify Your Experience
Although you may want to add product marketing to your list of core competencies, you may not know which product marketing class to take.

As a product marketing executive, I can say from experience that the PMMC® certification you can earn through this course is accepted and respected by top brands and organizations worldwide.
Accelerate Your Career
If you already have experience within product marketing but are looking for a meaningful way to improve your skills, Product Marketing Core takes a holistic and interactive approach to your growth.  

After evaluating and teaching the course myself, I am confident that PMMs on all levels will find real value in the live workshops, templates, and more.
The course's 11 modules are all self-paced, so you can go at your own speed

The foundations of product marketing

From research to optimization, Product Marketing Core explores the A to Z of product marketing, and you'll leave with a richer understanding of the what, why, and how of every product marketing principle.
11 modules
68 chapters
87 exam questions
10+ hours

Vetted by experts. Approved by students.

I'm proud to say I'm certified
Any of the PMMs, teams, and companies that I work with know firsthand that I only make recommendations after careful consideration, personal verification, and attention-to-detail.  
Join my Product Marketing Core Live class
I not only recommend Product Marketing Core but also serve as a teacher for the live course and encourage all of my team at Unbounce to become certified.

Nick Larson
PMM @ Bananatag
“Tamara's live PMMC course was a joy to attend. Her depth of knowledge combined with her ability to connect the material to real world examples from her own career made the course especially invaluable.”
Haythem Hammour
PMM @ Trend Micro
"She was an astounding instructor. Tamara demonstrates her exceptional written and verbal communication skills through her ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics."
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The Product Marketing Core Advantage

Throughout the years, I’ve taken and assessed the full spectrum of product marketing courses, including Pragmatic Marketing. Here are the key reasons why I consider Product Marketing Alliance’s Product Marketing Core to be the industry standard:
All Encompassing Content
Upon course completion, prospective and current PMMs will have a full toolbox of actionable strategies and solutions.
Respected Certification
After completing the world’s top product marketing training, you will have the knowledge you need to pass the exams, earning an accredited PMMC® certification.
Self-Paced and Results-Oriented
Other product marketing classes after rigid timelines and may not align with your unique schedule. Product Marketing Core is flexible and can be taken at your own pace or as part of a live cohort.

Designed by top product marketing experts at leading companies, every aspect of the course is optimized and updated for the real world.
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